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Our expansive range of the worlds most powerful & customisable laptops.

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Our ultra low price, performance range of high quality & upgradeable laptops.

Prime X Series
Starts $3,899.00
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The All New
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The Worlds Most Powerful Notebook.
A Marvel Of Technology.
The incredible all new Prime-X completely redefines the notebook as we know it, bringing with it a level of computational power that's way beyond anything we've ever seen. This remarkable piece of engineering is entirely centred around an incredibly advanced hybrid-hardware platform that wholly integrates desktop CPU technology, fused with the functionality and mobility of a beautifully designed notebook. And bonded at its core is a state-of-the-art cooling system that's been painstakingly developed to deliver unrelenting thermal stability and sustained performance under the most intensive computational tasks. The result is a level of reliability that enables the Prime-X to truly leverage its incredible hardware potential, delivering levels of computing power that no other laptop in the world can lay claim to.
The Worlds Most Advanced Technologies.
All In One Metabox.
11th Gen Z590 Desktop Chipset
Incredible 11th Gen Desktop Technology. Up to i9-11900KF CPU with Intels Thermal Velocity Boost.
Next-Level Full Powered RTX
Near Desktop level full powered variants of the NVIDIA RTX 3060, 3070 & 3080. Up to an extraordinary 16GB VRAM & 165W TDP.
Up to 128GB 3200MHZ RAM
Incredible enterprise level memory performance in a mobile device.
Up to 4X M.2 SSD's
A phenomenal array of M.2 SSD drive capabilities, with up to an astounding 26TB's of M.2 SSD storage.
Up to 4.9 Gbps LAN
Breakneck ethernet performance with Killer Low Latency Double Shot 4.9 Gbps LAN.
G-Sync With Discrete Mode
NVIDIA G-Sync Anti-Tear with Direct GPU (dGPU) Technology.
An Incredible Array of Ports
2 x Thunderbolt 4.0, 2 x Mini DP, 1 x HDMI, 4 x USB Gen2 3.2 ( 1 x Type-C / 3 x Type-A), SD Card Reader.
Edge-to Edge Display
An incredible 86% Screen-To-Body Ratio with up to 300HZ or 4K 100% Adobe RGB Display technology.
N-Key Rollover & Per Key Colour
Incredible keyboard technology that enables full time key detection & per-key colour lighting.
Worlds Best Laptop Sound
With an incredible 200+% increase in speaker size over last gen Prime-X & Soundblaster technology.
Premium Chassis Materials
A beautifully subtle hairline brushed metal construction on the Top and Centre (Palm) Cover.
A Cooling System Like No Other
10 independent heatpipes, 15 split heat pipe array & built-in 'Anti-Dust' technology. Rated for an incredible 340W's of power.
The Worlds Most Advanced Graphics Engines.
Ultra High Powered Graphics.
We developed the all new Prime-X with the singular objective of accomplishing 'sustained desktop-level power' that complimented true notebook integration. To achieve this, we engineered the worlds most advanced notebook cooling system which delivers an incredible 340 Watt's of thermal dissipation. This not only means that we can efficiently integrate the worlds most high-wattage notebook graphics solutions, we can do so with extraordinary reliability. And together with an array of NVIDIA's most powerful graphics engines, calibrated specifically for the most optimal power delivery, we can achieve up to a phenomenal 165 Watt's of sustained and continuous peak TDP power. The result is a notebook that completely shatters the traditional concept of notebook technology, with almost on-par levels of sustained power as our ultra highend desktop counterparts. So whether you're traversing an enormously complex Geospatial 3D Environment or taking some much needed down time to obliterate tanks behind enemy lines in Battlefield, the all new Prime-X will do all this and so much more with incredible ease.
The Prime-X's Incredible Graphics Cards.
The Prime-X's range of graphics engines have been optimised and calibrated for the most efficient power output, with the RTX 3080 16GB GDDR6 VRAM delivering a monstrous 165W TDP.
True INTEL Desktop CPU Integration.
A Computational Giant.
At it's core the incredible Prime-X seamlessly fuses Intel's state-of-the-art 11th & 10th Gen Desktop technology that brings with it up to 10 independent Cores and an immense 20 Threads of simultaneous compute power. It's then linked to the worlds most advanced notebook RAM architecture that's oriented in a modular 4X RAM Slot formation, delivering up to a mighty 128 Gigabytes (GB) of memory at a blistering 3200MHZ frequency. These technologies are brought together by the worlds first true notebook integration of 4X M.2 SSD Slots, which enables the Prime-X to serve up to an immense 26TB's of lightning SSD storage. The result is a portable device that delivers extraordinary on-demand server grade performance, that's just at your fingertips, any-time, anywhere. So whether you're deep in photogrammetical geographic reconstruction or analysing aerodynamics through computational fluid dynamics, there's no other laptop in the world quite as capable as the incredible Prime-X.
11th Gen Z590 Desktop Chipset
Incredible 10th & 11th Gen Desktop Technology. Up to i9-10900KF CPU with 10-Core or i9-11900KF CPU with TVB Technology.
Up to 128GB 3200MHZ RAM
Incredible enterprise level memory performance in a mobile device.
Up to 4X M.2 SSD's
A phenomenal array of M.2 SSD drive capabilities, with up to an astounding 26TB's of M.2 SSD storage.
Incredible Flexibility and Versatility.
The Worlds Most Modular Laptop.
The Prime-X is our most versatile notebook yet, fused with modularity in its essence. Bringing with it the freedom for you to choose and pick any number of configuration options that suit your precise computing needs. With a modular CPU, Graphics MXM Card, four RAM Slots and four M.2 SSD Slots, the Prime-X not only allows you to select what you need now, but also gives you the flexibility to upgrade and expand your needs later down the track, especially as your computing demands grow. It's the ultimate laptop versatility for those looking for longevity.
Incredible Edge-to-Edge LCD Display Technology.
Displays That Light The Room.
With a beautifully crafted minimal bezel design, the Prime-X's all-screen construction features the most advanced 17.3" display technology. With phenomenal colour accuracy in all display options and extraordinary luminance, the Prime-X's displays are the industry standard in ultra high-end LCD technology. From the incredible 100% Adobe RGB 4K UHD Display that enables content creators and designers to achieve second to none true colour-matched accuracy, to our ultra fast 144HZ and 300HZ high refresh displays that lead the industry in response times, delivering the ultimate fluidity for the elite gamer. And every display option is reinforced with NVIDIA's state-of-the-art G-SYNC Technology, which uniquely operates seamlessly in the background to deliver unwavering non stop tear-free immersion. This results in precise rendering fluidity that's remarkably lifelike and unparalleled in it's smoothness. Together these technologies enable the incredible Prime-X to deliver a visual experience that's unlike any other laptop in the world.
NVIDIA G-SYNC Technology
NVIDIA's G-Sync engine actively synchronises every frame outputted from the graphics card with every refresh cycle on the laptop screen. The result is a visual experience free from any screen-tearing that delivers an incredibly fluid, lifelike and immersive experience.
Edge-to-Edge Display
The Prime-X features a breathtaking all-screen design that's minimal bezel and pure display. Delivering the ultimate multimedia experience, with the feeling of having a vast display.
Premium Chassis Materials.
A Beautiful Design.
The Prime-X's beautiful and angular silhouette starts with an inclined front end that gradually progresses towards a broad back end, bringing with it a sweeping array of carefully angled air vents that are precisely positioned for the ultimate heat dissipation. The main chassis faces (Top & Palm face) are carved from a sophisticated Metal Alloy construction that are finished with just a hint of metallic hairline brushing. The contemporary chassis is complimented by a cutting edge lighting system that is is fully customisable to a multi-coloured arrangement or turned off completely for stealth mode. With the lighting system lining the entire bottom back end in a futuristic formation and flanked by two more stylish scalene triangular lights that seamlessly integrate into the sides of the notebook. Together these design elements are the ultimate expression of contemporary notebook artistry, which are both robust and beautiful.
Premium Brushed Alloy Chassis
The Prime-X features a robust alloy chassis that adorns the Top & Palm covers. They are finished in a sophisticated brushed metallic design, with a wonderfully deep black that features a subtle hint of mahogany sheen under just the right lighting angle.
Cutting Edge Lighting
The Prime-X features a spectacular array of multi-coloured variable lighting that sweeps across the entire backend of the designer chassis. There are also two additional scalene triangular lights that flank the hi-tech notebook on either side. And for stealth mode, turn one off, it not all the lights completely.
The World's Most Advanced Notebook Cooling.
340W's Cooling Technology.
The all new Prime-X delivers an unparalleled spectrum of cooling that is on a level way beyond anything ever accomplished before it. Each state-of-the-art element within the thermal system has been painstakingly researched and precisely engineered to synergistically deliver the world's first truly sustained ultra high powered 340 Watt thermal solution. At its nucleus the cooling system begins with a complex heatsink array of 10 independent vaporising heat pipes that are encased in an incredibly dense high-grade copper. These 10 ultra dense heat pipes are intelligently lengthened and routed in a special formation that enables the graphics section to innovatively isolate an incredible 8 heat pipes all to itself and the CPU section an immense 7 heat pipes all to itself. The heatsink is flanked on each end by a set of massive Wide-Blade high velocity fans that feature a HYPRO bearing system which significantly reduces friction and delivers incredibly smooth drag free rotation, especially important during the most demanding loads. Each fan ventilates thermals through a two sided, rear angled multi-fin outlet on each corner of the notebook's backend, with a combined total of four rear angled facing outlets. And inside each high velocity fan an incredibly innovative Anti-Dust chamber has been developed, so that our built-in control software can intelligently schedule a regular short moment of reverse cycle airflow in order to expel any dust build up. Together these thermal technologies are at the very core of what makes the all new Prime-X the worlds most advanced high-powered notebook.
A Massive Heat Pipe Array.
The Prime-X features 10 ultra dense independent heat pipes that are innovatively lengthened and routed in a special formation on the heatsink assembly to deliver an immense 15 heat pipe array, resulting in the world's most advanced thermal dissipation.
Built-In Anti-Dust Technology.
The all new Prime-X's intelligent high velocity fans feature an innovative Anti-Dust chamber that has been engineered to operate in a reverse cycle so that any trapped dust is expelled. This is performed through the control software which gives you the freedom to schedule the process at your convenience.
An Incredible 340W's Of Cooling.
The all new Prime-X's state-of-the-art cooling system features the worlds most heavily researched and painstakingly engineered thermal solution, combining advanced cooling technologies to synergistically deliver the world's first truly sustained 340 Watt TDP thermal system.
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