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Learn about and shop our ultra low
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Full Metabox Range
Our expansive range of the worlds most powerful & customisable laptops.

Full note. Range
Our ultra low price, performance range of high quality & upgradeable laptops.

Ultraportable Range
CPU Power
GPU Power
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Metabox Ultraportable Range
Yet Ultra, Powerful.
It's All In The Numbers.
An Overview Of The Worlds Most Advanced Ultraportable Technology.
Up To
30 Hours
Long Range Battery
Up To
Intel P Series Mobile CPU's
Up To
Up To
16 TB's
SSD Internal Storage
Up To
64 GB
DDR4 RAM/Memory
Ultraportables Start At
Stay Powered.
Here at Metabox, pioneering boundary-pushing technology is at the core of our ethos, and battery life technology is especially essential in how we interact with Ultraportable devices. Introducing a whole new dimension of mobility to the world of mobile computing, the Ultraportable Flo intelligently integrates a state-of-the-art ultra-low powered LCD while embedding a high-density, high-watt-hour battery. These remarkable technologies enable the Ultraportable Flo to deliver an unprecedented battery run-time that produces up to a phenomenal 30 hours on a single charge. And it is here where our focus on developing technologies echoes throughout the Ultraportable range, with the Ultraportable Edge-Pro delivering up to a stunning 18 Hours on a single charge. This precise blend of mobility meeting performance is where Metabox's trademark design will enable you to get more done wherever your journey brings you.
*Battery life figures vary depending on Windows settings, method of use and hardware settings. Metabox test parameters included 35% Screen Brightness,
keyboard Lighting Off, Windows Battery Saver Mode Active using MobileMark 2014. Hardware is configured with 8GB and 512GB M.2 SSD.
Hours. All Day.
Big On Power,
Yet Incredibly Mobile.
Here at Metabox, high-end computational power is integral to the processing core of every device in our range. And despite the thin, compact, and light nature of our Ultraportable series, our extensively researched optimisation of sustained and consistent peak performance enables each of our lightweight devices to deliver Multi-Core computational power that's remarkably on par with the performance of previous-generation top-tier processors. Especially made possible through leveraging state-of-the-art advances in CPU design and size reduction from both Intel and AMD, bringing an incredible increase in total Core-Count, with the groundbreaking Intel i7-1260P reaching a phenomenal 12-Cores of parallel compute power. In short, our Ultraportable range has the computing power to fuel a myriad of computationally complex tasks, from multi-source spreadsheets to multiple virtual machines, all within a wonderfully portable package that's a breeze to carry around.
Ultraportable Intel Range
Intel's incredible multi-core technology is on full display in our Ultraportable range, going up to a phenomenal 12-Cores with the powerful i7-1260P CPU and an array of other powerful Intel CPU options. Available through the Flo, Edge-Pro and Aer Ultraportable series.
Ultraportable AMD Range
AMD's esteemed low nanometer node design is brimming with power in the incredible Ryzen R5 and R7 CPU lines, bringing high-powered computational power to our wonderfully mobile Edge Series.
Ultraportable Performance Chart
Multi-Core Comparison
Core i7-10750H 10th Gen Top-Tier Flagship
7314 Points
Tested using Cinebench R23 Multi Core Test
Core i7-1255U New Gen Intel Mobile
7545 Points / 3% Faster
Tested using Cinebench R23 Multi Core Test
Ryzen R7 5825U New Gen AMD Mobile
9755 Points / 30% Faster
Tested using Cinebench R23 Multi Core Test
Core i7-1260P New Gen Intel Mobile
10571 Points / 44% Faster
Tested using Cinebench R23 Multi Core Test
Up To 64GB RAM
& 16TB SSD.
Highly flexible hardware design choices are pivotal to every Metabox. And despite our Ultraportable range's wonderfully compact design elements, they're all equally versatile devices with incredible levels of high-end customisation choices. From high memory configurations, going up to a mammoth 64GB of RAM to ultra-large and ultra-fast PCIe 3.0/PCIe 4.0 storage capacities going all the way to a phenomenal 16 TB's. In turn, this means that our personalised Ultraportable range enables you to select from an extensive array of options that do not restrict the lifespan of your new device. Instead, they deliver an ultra-powerful configuration that ensures you have the most optimal setup for your particular requirements, now and well into the future.
In Every Sense Of The Word.
The very definition of Ultraportable is an essential element of the core design ethos that lays the foundation for how we've precisely engineered and developed this incredibly portable range. Standing at an airy 950 grams, the 14.0" Ultraportable Flo is one of the lightest devices in the world, and you might just forget it's in your hands, yet its Mag Alloy reinforced structure is incredibly robust. And this core design ethos echoes throughout our Ultraportable range, with every series rigorously engineered to be lightweight, thin, compact and strong, the ultimate road warriors for the eternal traveller.
Robust Graphics Power.
Professional Grade Display.
Despite its ultra-lightweight and compact design, we painstakingly developed the Ultraportable Aer Series with seamlessly integrated high-powered RTX 30 Series graphics engines that belie its compact form. And at its visual gateway, the Aer is amplified by incredibly vibrant and colour-rich Pantone-certified display technology that is purpose-built for photographers, video editors and all forms of creation. In turn, the Ultraportable Aers graphics delivery enables professional tools such as Adobe Premiere and AutoCAD to perform rapid and efficient 3D processing with the most accurate on-screen rendering. So whether you're busy in the office putting on the final touches of your design project or you've carved out a few hours of your busy day for a bit of gaming relaxation, the Ultraportable Aer has you covered at every step.
NVIDIA RTX 3050 & 3050Ti
Despite its ultra-lightweight and compact design, the Ultraportable Aer has, through a thorough development process, seamlessly integrated NVIDIAs powerful RTX 30 series graphics engines, enabling creators of all types the ultimate combination of efficient 3D processing and portability.
Pantone Certification
At its visual gateway, the Aer delivers incredibly vibrant, accurate and colour-rich Pantone-certified display technology that is purpose-built for photographers, video editors and all forms of creation.
Down To
Down To
The Ultraportable series pictured and referenced in the figures is the Metabox Flo.
Feature Rich Ultraportables.
Much more than just a simple combination of power and mobility, our Ultraportables feature a vast array of industry-leading technologies, from high-resolution cameras to specialised displays.
Sony 2.0 MP TNR Camera
Unique to the Flo Series, a high-resolution 2.0MP FHD Sony Camera is seamlessly integrated, rendering a crisp, sharp & wonderfully detailed video feed that also features a much wider Field of View at 93 Degrees.
Thunderbolt 4.0 Technology
The world of Thunderbolt is growing rapidly, with an extensive array of devices in development to utilise the ports' phenomenal speeds, which are capable of up to 40 Gbps. The possibilities are near endless, from ultra-fast Thunderbolt SSD backup solutions to Thunderbolt 'External Graphics' cards.
Ultra-Edge Display
The Edge-Pro's incredible 15.6" and 17.3" near-frameless bezel is a stunning piece of engineering that precisely optimises every millimetre of its cutting-edge construction to deliver a visual experience that's wonderfully immersive.
Edge-Lit Illuminated Keys
Each key is brought to life by a dynamic edge-lit lighting system that gives you the freedom to tailor a colour and look that is just right for you and your environment. *Available on Edge and Edge-Pro series.
180° Of Freedom
A uniquely engineered hinge mechanism allows the Edge and Flo series display to open 180°s providing a variety of ways to showcase your content to friends or clients, even allowing for new innovative ways to use the devices on your own.
Multi-Monitor Efficiency.
The extensive array of ports throughout our Ultraportable range enables you to do much more. With a variety of HDMI, Display and Thunderbolt ports built-in, you can connect up to three external monitors running separate content, supercharging multi-tasking capabilities..
Windows Hello
Fast, efficient and secure, the Biometric Facial Recognition camera on a select number of Ultraportable models signs you right into Windows, bypassing arduous passwords and pins.
The Ultraportable Range.
Select & Buy.
The Ultraportable Range.
Select & Buy.