Metabox Carbon - 3D-Textured - Style and Substance
Introducing a fresh new concept in laptop design, the sleek, modern and premium feel of carbon fibre is now a customisation option throughout our entire range. Using only the finest 3D-Textured carbon fibre wrap, each and every one of the models in our range can be transformed into a distinctive and striking piece of laptop artistry. The Metabox Carbon is a superior high-end finish, with no compromises.
Strong, Rugged, Automotive Grade 3M Carbon Fibre Wrap
We put 3M's 3D-Textured Carbon Fibre Wrap through an extensive trial to test for touch and heat induced degradation. After five months, the results were breathtaking, with no sign of degradation or change in the texture, feel or look of the original carbon fibre finish. It truly is a phenomenal product and best of all it conforms seamlessly to the chassis delivering a factory original fit and finish. It's no wonder why it is used as an automotive finish.
Bursting With Style. Be The Envy Of All Your Friends and Colleagues.
The 3D-Textured Carbon Fibre finish looks undeniably awesome and it's a joy to touch. Its dark and subtle cross weave pattern fits perfectly into a corporate or professional environment, yet the distinctively unique finish is a stand out for gamers looking to bring envy to their gaming peers. The Metabox Carbon pushes laptop design into another dimension.
Choose Your Level of Carbon Fibre
We live and breathe individuality here at Metabox and we don't stop just at hardware customisations. With the new Metabox Carbon, you can choose precisely which parts of the laptop you want the 3D-Textured carbon fibre finish applied to. We love the combo of wrapping carbon on both the top-lid case and the PALM case, for us the contrast and variation between the carbon on top and the standard screen bezel mixed back with the carbon on the PALM case screams modern and beautiful. Of course, this is an entirely subjective topic so lets take a look at the levels of customisation below so you can create the ultimate carbon fibre look for yourself.
Prices vary based on the amount of carbon fibre applied and the area in which it is being applied.
RRP $259RRP $345RRP $259RRP $499RRP $499RRP $629
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