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Incredibly Advanced & The Power To Do It All.
It's All In The Features.
A quick snapshot of the Prime-V's incredible technology.
8-Core CPU Power
Intel's latest ultra Octo-Core 10th Gen CPU.
Full Powered NVIDIA RTX
Full powered (Non Max-Q) variants of the NVIDIA RTX 2060, 2070 & 2070 Super.
Up to 64GB 3200MHZ
Up to 64GB 3200MHZ DDR4 RAM.
Up to 3X SSD's
Configurable with a total of three SSD's.
Thunderbolt 3.0
True PCIe 3.0 x 4
Thunderbolt 3.0 Port.
G-Sync With Discrete Mode
NVIDIA G-Sync Anti-Tear with direct GPU Switching Technology.
In-Glass Fingerprint
Worlds First In-Glass
Fingerprint Sensor.
15" & 17" 144HZ Or 15" 4K
Choose between standard 15" / 17" 144HZ FHD or 15" Wide-Gamut 4K.
Per-Key LED Keyboard
Independently adjustable colours, on every key.
Big Internal Speakers
Powerful internal speakers for truly enhanced sound.
Alloy Body Construction
Metal construction throughout majority of the chassis.
Reimagined Thermal System
Big capacity heatsinks &
massive thermal inlets / outlets.
Explosive Power.
As one of our most technogically feature-rich series, the Prime-V is unrivalled in blending mobility with raw computational power. NVIDIA's full powered variants of the RTX 2060 (115W TDP), the RTX 2070 (115W TDP) & RTX 2070 Super (115W TDP) are at the core of the graphics engines, amplified by a hi-tech "Direct-to-Graphics" (dGPU) mode for power users. At the processing core is Intel's latest 10th Gen 8-core CPU which delivers an incredible 16 Threads of simultaneous processing power. As a collective these technologies deliver explosive computing for users demanding true desktop grade performance in a lightweight, mobile form factor.
8-Core CPU Power
Intel's latest ultra Octo-Core i7-10875H CPU, with up to 5.10GHZ and 16-Threads.
Full Powered NVIDIA RTX
Full powered (115W TDP) variants of the NVIDIA RTX 2060, 2070 & 2070 Super.
Direct to GPU Mode (dGPU)
Direct to NVIDIA GPU mode for the ultimate graphics performance.
Graphics pushed
beyond the boundaries.
Blurring the lines between desktop and mobile performance, the Prime-V's incredible graphics pushes the very boundaries of mobile technology. Delivering NVIDIA's RTX technology in full powered (TDP) form, raw graphical calculations are processed at levels only thought possible in desktop computers. Fused with a hi-tech "Discrete Mode" (dGPU) that reduces graphics latency and boosts graphical processing speeds, the Prime-V is the ultimate graphics powerhouse for power-users on the move.
NVIDIA's Top RTX Range.
From the brand new high-powered 115W RTX 2060 variant, all the way to the full-powered incredible RTX 2070 Super, along with "Discrete Mode" (dGPU) standard across all variants, the Prime-V has graphics power in spades.
10th Gen 8-Core Power.
The Prime-V's CPU architecture is propelled by Intel's incredible 10th Generation 8-Core processing power-plant. With an immense 16 threads of simultaneous processing units and up to a lightning 5.10 GHz clock speed per unit, the multi-core and single-core capabilities of the Prime-V are simply extraordinary. Delivering a near 10% boost in performance over Intel's 9th Generation i9, the Prime-V brings with it truly sustained levels of intensive multi-core processing. So whether you're processing enormous point cloud datasets or running multiple intensive virtual machines, the Prime-V will dominate any and everthing you throw at it.
Last Generation 8-Core i9-9980HK
Up to 5.00 GHz / 16 Threads / 16M Cache
Comparison test using Cinebench R20 Single Core
th Gen 8-Core i7-10875H
Up to 5.10 GHz / 16 Threads / 16M Cache
Comparison test using Cinebench R20 Single Core
Ultra-Fast, G-Sync
Edge to Edge Display.
The Prime-V's incredible Edge to Edge display is an immersive gateway into the spectacular realm of vivid computing. With incredibly brilliant colours, a super high contrast for deep blacks, an ultra-fast 144HZ refresh rate and NVIDIA's acclaimed G-Sync Technology, the Prime-V's screen is an extroadinary combination of today's most cutting edge display technology. And with NVIDIA G-Sync in control, you can be assured every frame is rendered with absolute precision, resulting in the cleanest tear-free gaming experience and ultra smooth 3D animation.
NVIDIA G-Sync Technology
Synchronising every frame rendered for incredibly smooth animation.
Ultra High Refresh Rate
15" / 17" 144HZ Display Technology & a super high contrast ratio.
Optional 15" 4K Display
For content creators needing a wide-gamut 4K display.
Compact Form & Premium
Alloy. It's Built To Last.
The Prime-V's state-of-the-art compact design is made possible through the Edge to Edge display, resulting in an incredibly high Screen-To-Body ratio. It's main chassis area is precisely constructed with a premium Aluminium Alloy that is finished in a beautiful black metallic sheen. It's a symphony of subtle & refined aesthetics, built for long lasting durability.
Premium Alloy
The Prime-V's main chassis area is precisely constructed with a premium Aluminium Alloy and finished in a beautiful black metallic sheen.
15.6" Compact Dimensions
An incredibly compact 15.6" design:
35.9 (w) x 25.8 (D) x 2.99 (H) cm
2.40 Kg with Battery
17.3" Compact Dimensions
An incredibly compact 17.3" design:
39.9 (w) x 27.5 (D) x 2.99 (H) cm
2.90 Kg with Battery
A Precise Keyboard
For The Creative.
The Prime-V's colour-rich & spacious keyboard delivers a typing experience that's incredibly precise, with perfectly weighted keys that actuate with just enough positive resistance, so that every key-stroke is a comfortable tactile experience. And it's augmented by an intelligent hi-tech lighting system, which gives you the unique ability to creatively choose independent colour settings on each and every key. Giving you the freedom to tailor the look and feel of the keyboard to precisely how you want it to appear.
Per-Key LED Keyboard
Independently adjustable colours, on every key.
Keyboard Control Suite
Get creative with the Keyboard Control Suite, which gives you access to all your colour choices.
Keyboard Animations
Give your keyboard an even more distinctive look and feel, with presets for colour animations. Choose from waves to ripple animation effects or even customise your own.
Worlds First In-Glass
Fingerprint Sensor.
The Prime-V elevates laptop security to a whole new level. Fully integrated into the world's first Synaptics Glass-Based Gamma TouchPad™, is an OXi Clear ID™ optical fingerprint sensor which only illuminates when the sensor is needed. It's so remarkably well integrated, that it's completely hidden from plain sight, unless activated.
Huge Cooling Capacity.
Huge Vents.
The Prime-V's completely reimagined cooling system is immensely powerful. Cutting edge high-density copper cooling pipes are combined with micronised diamond thermal compound to guarantee the most rapid movement of heat from the source to the outlet. At the outlet end, ultra high flow Thermal dynamic Liquid-Crystal Polymer (LCP) fan units operate at incredible rotational frequencies due to their rigid material structure, which thrusts the heat through a huge array of vents. A total of 4 large air outlet vents line the edges of the laptop's back-end, resulting in a drastic reduction in heat retention. And an immense inlet vent at the base of the laptop ensures the ultimate unrestricted in-flow of air. As a collective, the Prime-V's cooling system is unrivalled by any other brand of laptop in it's class.
Vapour Heatpipe System
The Prime-V heatsink features a thermal dynamic Vapour chamber in each of it's 7 Heatpipes. And the heatpipe array is in a formation that uniquely extends around the heatsink assembly, resulting in far greater heat dissipation efficiency.
Huge Inlet & Outlet Vents
The Prime-V features 4 large outlet vents (2 on the sides and 2 on the back), resulting in a drastic reduction of heat retention. Large volumes of air flow in through a huge inlet vent at the base of the laptop. Resulting in a significant concentration of air volume moving in and out of the laptop.
Liquid-Crystal Polymer (LCP)
The unique molecular structure of LCP material has enabled us to innovatively design our thinnest, yet highest velocity fan assembly for the Prime-V Series. It's a combination of incredibly thin, yet ultra rigid fan blades which lead to a significant increase in air capacity, resulting in a far greater volume of heat being dissipated.
Thunderbolt 3.0
PCIe x4
Powering tomorrow's technologies today, the Prime-V's Thunderbolt 3.0 port enables you to connect to the worlds most advanced external devices. From large multi-purpose docking stations to external PCIe SSD drives. With a bandwidth of up to 40 Gbit/s (5 GB/s) there's an endless array of utlra highend devices that will eventually make their way to Thunderbolt 3.0.
Thunderbolt 3.0
True PCIe 3.0 x 4
Thunderbolt 3.0 Port.
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