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Ultra Slim.
Extraordinary Power.
It's All In The Numbers.
A quick snapshot of the worlds most advanced thin form laptops.
105W TGP
11th Gen
Core Intel CPU
Up To
Up To
Independent Monitors
Up To
Up To
Battery Life
Ultra Slim.
The Prime-S introduces an entirely new dimension of mobility in the world of high-powered computing. At it's very core, the Prime-S has been precisely engineered with a distinct focus on optimising every millimetre of it's wonderfully thin form, delivering an incredibly lightweight, robust and thin design that achieves extraordinary levels of performance. It is the ultimate laptop road-warrior for users who demand the very best high-end power.
15.6" Prime-S
cm Thin
kg Light
17.3" Prime-S
cm Thin
kg Light
Big Screen, Small Body.
With true mobility in its essence the Prime-S delivers a breathtaking all-screen design, bringing with it minimal bezels and a spectacular screen-to-body ratio. So whether you're enjoying the final episode of your favourite show or designing an all important CAD model, the immersive edge-to-edge view of the Prime-S display will ensure a pure and uninterrupted experience, each and every time.
REIMAGINED 15.6" Dimensions
REIMAGINED 17.3" Dimensions
Width: 35.7 cm / Depth: 23.8 cm
Width: 39.5 cm / Depth: 26.4 cm
Tough Alloy Body.
Built for extraordinary durability, the Prime-S chassis is constructed from an Aluminium Alloy structure, that's both hard wearing and incredibly robust. Finished in a cool Satin Midnight Grey with a subtle hint of metallic sheen, the Prime-S design is a showcase of contemporary sophistication, fitting perfectly into any workspace wherever your journey takes you.
Finished in a cool Satin Midnight Grey and a subtle hint of metallic sheen, the Prime-S Al-Alloy chassis is modern and sleek.
State of the Art Graphics.
Despite having such a small footprint the Prime-S has been meticulously engineered to deliver sustained levels of high performance under the most intensive graphical loads. At the core of the graphics system is a thermal centric design that leverages our state of the art cooling technologies to deliver extraordinary rendering power that belies it's size. From NVIDIA's incredible top of the line RTX 3080 16GB VRAM to the robust RTX 3060, the Prime-S has been specially tuned, in-house, to deliver peak optimisation for both graphics clocks and sustained thermal stability, resulting in continuous and uninterrupted graphical power. So whether you're applying the final touches to your colour space conversions in Premier Pro or shooting down hordes of enemies in an intense online Battlefield war, the Prime-S has the power to do just about anything.
The Prime-S features the RTX 3060 (105W TGP) with 6GB GDDR6, the RTX 3070 (105W TGP) with 8GB GDDR6 and the RTX 3080 (105W TGP) with 16GB GDDR6.
Optimised Performance.
The new Prime-S NVIDIA RTX graphics engines have been tuned in-house to uniquely optimise and extract even more power than before, with the new generation RTX 3070 (105W TGGP) tuned to produce an incredible increase of 11% over the previous top of the line RTX 2080 Max-Q in our last generation Prime-S. The performance numbers tell the story.
3070 (105W TGP)
Graphics Card
1920x1080 Fire Strike Graphics - 3D Mark
Previous Prime-S RTX
2080 Max-Q
Graphics Card
1920x1080 Fire Strike Graphics - 3D Mark
11th Gen 8-Core Power.
At the nucleus of the Prime-S's processing architecture lies Intel's cutting edge 11th Generation 8-Core CPU. Bringing with it an extraordinary 16 threads of independently addressed processing units that run simultaneously for true multi-core processing. And fused with up to an astonishing 24MB Cache and 4.6 GHz clock speed, the new 11th Gen 8-Core delivers a near 20% increase in performance over AMD's esteemed Ryzen 7 58000H. So whether you're staying back late in the lab compiling source code or running computational fluid dynamics to analyse wind flow, the Prime-S's intensive computing potential is near limitless.
AMD Ryzen 7 5800H
Up to 4.40 GHz / 16 Threads / 16M Cache
Tested using User Benchmark Octa Core Mixed Speed Test
th Gen 8-Core i7-11800H
Up to 4.60 GHz / 16 Threads / 24M Cache
Tested using User Benchmark Octa Core Mixed Speed Test
Edge-to-Edge Display Technology.
The Prime-S's state of the art range of edge-to-edge displays deliver a number of incredible features that lead the industry in technological innovation. From the stunning ultra-high contrast 15.6" OLED that features an awe inspiring zero-light emission on blacks, to the incredibly vibrant colour accurate wide gamut 100% Adobe RGB 17.3" 4K LCD, the Prime-S enables content creators and multimedia designers to achieve so much more. And for the gaming elite, our ultra-fast high refresh rate displays go all the way up to a phenomenal 300HZ, bringing with it incredibly fluid, life-like animation.
A precise keyboard for the creative.
The Prime-S's colour-rich & spacious keyboard delivers a typing experience that's incredibly precise, with perfectly weighted keys that actuate with just enough positive resistance, so that every key-stroke is a comfortable tactile experience. And it's augmented by an intelligent hi-tech lighting system, which gives you the unique ability to creatively choose independent colour settings on each and every key. Giving you the freedom to tailor the look and feel of the keyboard to precisely how you want it to appear.
Edge-Lit Per-Key Colour
The Prime-S features an Edge-Lit Per-Key Colour keyboard, uniquely enabling each individual key to be set to an endless array of colours. And our programmable keyboard software suite comes with a large range of animations, from wave effects to ripple sequences and the old "Snake" making a comeback.
Keyboard Control Suite
Customise every aspect of the Prime-S keyboard from colours to macro's. Choose from an endless array of colour's and arrange your keyboard in any number of different ways. And if you're needing some zen in your life, simply turn it off when you dont want it. For ultra-efficiency the built in macro's creator lets you customise shortcuts for every task.
Thunderbolt 3.0
PCIe x4
Powering tomorrow's technologies today, the Prime-S's Thunderbolt 3.0 port enables you to connect to the worlds most advanced external devices. From large multi-purpose docking stations to external PCIe SSD drives. With a bandwidth of up to 40 Gbit/s (5 GB/s) there's an endless array of ultra highend devices that will eventually make their way to Thunderbolt 3.0.
Thunderbolt 3.0
True PCIe 3.0 x 4
Thunderbolt 3.0 Port.
All-Day Battery.
Completely re-engineered for the 10th Generation, the Prime-S's new battery design is 18% larger than it's predecessor with a massive 73 Watt-hours of capacity. This converts to an immense 9 hours of battery power, keeping you in action during the most vital hours of the day. So whether you're in client meetings or running between lectures hour to hour, the Prime-S is right there with you powered and ready to go.
Built to Last.
With a Thermal Dynamic 4-Way heat dissipation system, ultra high-volume 59-blade Dual Fan array, cutting edge high-density copper cooling pipes and micronised diamond thermal compound, the Prime-S is the industry standard in thin-form reliability that's built for the ultimate longevity.
Vapour Heatpipe System
The Prime-S heatsink features a thermal dynamic Vapour chamber in each of it's 5 Heatpipes. And the heatpipe array is in a formation that uniquely extends around the heatsink assembly, resulting in far greater heat dissipation efficiency.
Open Fin Design
At the back of the heatsink assembly, heat dissipates through an Open Fin design, which means air doesn't just flow in one straight line, but instead one full spectrum.
Liquid-Crystal Polymer (LCP)
The unique molecular structure of LCP material has enabled us to innovatively design our thinnest, yet highest velocity fan assembly for the Prime-S Series. It's a combination of incredibly thin, yet ultra rigid fan blades which lead to a significant increase in air capacity, resulting in a far greater volume of heat being dissipated.
Worlds First In-Glass
Fingerprint Sensor.
The Prime-S elevates laptop security to a new level of protection with the world's first touchpad integrated in-glass Fingerprint Sensor. At the core of this cutting edge design is Synaptics Glass-Based Gamma TouchPad™, which seemlessly fuses an OXi Clear ID™ optical fingerprint sensor that only illuminates when the sensor is required. It's so remarkably well integrated, that it's completely hidden from plain sight, unless activated.

*In-Glass Fingerprint is available on the Prime-S 15.6" only. The Prime-S 17.3" features an Area Fingerprint Reader.
Home Office
Ultra Silent - For Serious Users.
The Prime-S introduces an innovative new Silent Mode that dynamically optimises processing and graphics loads to ensure your laptop never exceeds 23 decibels (db) of air volume through the thermal system. Delivering a whisper quiet operation whenever you're in a serious setting.
Silent Mode - Effective In So Many Ways.
From tackling complex spreadsheets in your noise-free office, to researching assignments at the muted local library, the Prime-S with Silent Mode active will always be under the radar.
*Silent Mode reduces the operational frequency of the CPU and GPU, in order to maintain lower thermal output.
Big on Ports.
The compact Prime-S is a productivity giant and keeps you connected in more ways than one.
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1. Battery life figures vary depending on Windows settings, method of use and hardware settings. Metabox test parameters included 35% Screen Brightness, keyboard Lighting Off, Windows Battery Saver Mode Active using MobileMark 2014. Hardware is configured with 8GB and 256GB M.2 SSD.
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