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Extraordinary AMD Desktop Ryzen 24-Thread CPU.
Extraordinary AMD Desktop Ryzen
24-Thread CPU.
The Worlds First Laptop With True AMD Desktop Ryzen 12-Core Power.
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It's All In The Performance Numbers.
A quick snapshot of the Prime-Ai's incredible performance technology.
The Full Range of AMD Ryzen Gen 3 Desktop CPU's
A world first, the Prime-AI seemlessly integrates AMD's incredible Ryzen 65W Desktop CPU's, with up to an astounding 12 Cores and 24 Threads of parallel processing units.
Big Blistering Memory
The Prime-Ai's incredible memory architecture delivers up to a massive 64GB's and 3200MHZ of blistering transfer performance.
Extraordinary Full Powered NVIDIA RTX Graphics
The Prime-Ai features NVIDIA's incredible full powered 115W TDP graphics variants of the RTX 2060 and RTX 2070, designed for the ultimate graphics computational power.
Direct-To-Graphics (dGPU)
The Prime-Ai integrates "Direct-To-Graphics" (dGPU) technology which eliminates graphics latency for enhanced graphics throughput.
Breakneck CPU Power.
True AMD Ryzen Desktop 12-Core.
The Prime-Ai introduces the worlds first fully integrated Desktop AMD Ryzen processors. Bringing with it unparalleled levels of computational power that propel laptop mobility into a realm of extraordinary super computing, once reserved exclusively for big desktop server's. Now, with the Prime-Ai's incredible integration of AMD's multi-core CPU technology, we're able to deliver a mobile device capable of up to a staggering 12 Core and 24 Threads of multi processing units. Making the Prime-Ai, quite simply, the worlds most powerful laptop for pure computational requirements, by a long margin. So whether your pushing the boundaries of neural network simulation for Artificial Intelligence or performing exhaustive mathematical models within a giant molecular dataset, the Prime-Ai's breakneck computational power is like nothing we've ever seen before.
AMD Ryzen 9
3900 Pro
Geekbench 5, 64Bit (Multi-Core) Benchmark
Intel Core-i9
Geekbench 5, 64Bit (Multi-Core) Benchmark
Up to 3200MHZ & 64GB of RAM.
The Prime-Ai's memory architecture delivers up to an extraordinary 3200MHZ of transfer speed and an immense 64GB's of RAM capacity that operates in "Dual Channel" mode for true parallel RAM processing.
Immense Graphics Power.
The Prime-Ai's extraordinary graphics architecture blends NVIDIA's incredible full powered 115 Watt TDP variants of the RTX 2060 and RTX 2070 with true Direct-To-Graphics (dGPU) technology. Bringing with it NVIDIA's proprietary Real Time Ray Tracing engine and Deep Learning Tensor Cores, the Prime-Ai's graphics processing capability is incredibly potent. From playing the latest open-world game to running complex mathematical DNA sequencing, the Prime-Ai is ready for just about anything.
Direct-To-Graphics (dGPU).
Through the integration of a direct hardware link to the graphics engine from the CPU, the Prime-Ai eliminates latency and lag caused by "Hybrid" graphics switching systems. Delivering unimpeded graphics data transfer direct from the source, resulting in a greater level of performance.
Incredibly Vibrant Displays.
Rapid, wide colour gamut and incredibly vibrant, the Prime-Ai's displays deliver a spectacular viewing experience from almost all angles. Choose between the ultra-fast 144HZ high refresh display or our pixel-dense 4K UHD razor-sharp screen, and visualise your content with precision. So whether you're editing a high-res photo or commanding the next fleet of troops in Battlefield, the Prime-Ai has the speed, accuracy and sharpness to do it all.
Super High Refresh Rate
144HZ Refresh Rate for incredibly smooth life-like rendering.

Ultra High Contrast
Delivering truly enhanced visuals with an incredibly deep black.
Colour-Rich 4K
Ultra high colour gamut & incredibly vivid, the Alpha-Ai's pixel dense 4K display's are at the cutting edge.

*Optional Upgrade
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Prime-Ai 15.6"
Starts $1,749.00
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