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Extraordinary 14-Core Power.
It's All In The Numbers.
A quick snapshot of the Alpha-V in all it's glory.
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Solid, Robust & Powerful.
The all new Alpha-V breaks new ground in the art of design purity, encased in an incredibly robust slate structure, the Alpha-V is fused with a redefining level of immense computational power. With Intel's extraordinary industry first 14 Core CPU at it's processing nucleus the Alpha-V's remarkable 12th Gen CPU delivers a level of computational power light-years ahead of the current generation, with multi-core processing capabilities at true desktop levels, shattering conventional laptop standards. And despite the enormity of it's performance, the Alpha-V is constructed with the elegance of a wonderfully mobile device. There is no better evidence of this by simply looking at the numbers with the Alpha-V's Intel 12th Gen CPU outperforming the last generation flagship desktop CPU (i7-11700K) by a massive 16% in multi-core processing, an unbelievable feat for mobile computing and truly groundbreaking. So whether you're burning the midnight oil performing algorithmic back-testing for your next trade or processing an enormous dataset through your neural network, the Alpha-V is a game-changer in delivering mobility and processing power like we've never seen before.
Alpha-V Performance Chart
Multi-Core Comparison
Core i7-11700K Last Generation Desktop Flagship
1626 Points
Tested using User Benchmark Multi Core Mixed Speed Test
Core i7-12700H New Generation Mobile
1890 Points / 16% Faster
Tested using User Benchmark Multi Core Mixed Speed Test
Immense Graphics Power.
The Alpha-V seamlessly integrates an extensive range of graphics options from NVIDIA's esteemed high-end GTX and RTX series. It has been precisely engineered and uniquely tuned for optimal power in each of it's graphics engine, so that sustained peak graphical loads are delivered both with industry leading thermal stability and unwavering frame-rates. From NVIDIA's phenomenal high-powered RTX 3060 6GB Graphics to the robust RTX 3050 4GB Graphics and beyond, the Alpha-V delivers graphical power for users of all dimensions, so whether you're kicking back with some spare time playing your favourite online game or performing Real-Time Architectural Visualisation leveraging NVIDIA's incredible RTX technology, the Alpha-V has the uninterrupted graphical power to ensure you're always one-step ahead.
Alpha-V GPU Range.
The Alpha-V's extensive range of GTX and RTX NVIDIA Graphics options.
NVIDIA's famed starting gaming graphics card, for the enthusiast seeking robust graphical grunt.
NVIDIA's starting RTX graphics card, integrates all of NVIDIA's RTX technologies and delivers potent graphical grunt.
NVIDIA's answer to giving the RTX 3050 an added boost of power, the 3050Ti adds a further 7%-10% performance on the RTX 3050.
NVIDIA's famed starting top-end RTX graphics engine for professionals to hardcore gamers, the RTX 3060 is a powerhouse.
Vibrant Edge-to-Edge Displays.
Front and centre on the Alpha-V's visual gateway are the industry's most advanced display technologies, delivering remarkable levels of vibrancy, visual clarity and colour accuracy. Integrated into a meticulously engineered ultra narrow-edge screen module, the Alpha-V's stunning display design translates to a cutting-edge screen-to-body ratio of 85%. In turn this enables a truly enhanced degree of visual freedom for life like pop-off-the-screen visuals. At the core of the Alpha-V's display innovation, state-of-the-art LCD's range from the extraordinary pixel dense and wide-gamut 4K display to the ultra-fast 165HZ and equally wide-gamut 100% DCI P3 3K display. Giving professional designers and gaming enthusiasts alike, the ultimate in visual purity.
Edge-to-Edge Display
The Alpha-V 15.6" and 17.3" feature a breathtaking all-screen design that's minimal bezel and pure display. Delivering the ultimate multimedia experience, with the feeling of having a vast display.
144HZ FHD 100% ADOBE RGB & 100% SRGB Display
The Alpha-V 15.6" features the option for an Ultra-Wide Gamut 100% Adobe RGB 144HZ Refresh Rate Display, while the 17.3" Alpha-V features a colour dense 100% SRGB Display 144HZ Display Refresh Rate option.
3K 165HZ 100% DCI P3 Display & 100% SRGB Display
The Alpha-V 15.6" features the option for a Wide Gamut 100% DCI P3 High Resolution 3K 165HZ Refresh Rate Display, while the 17.3" Alpha-V features a colour dense 100% SRGB Display High Resolution 3K 165HZ Refresh Rate Display.
15.6" 4K 60HZ 100% SRGB Display
The Alpha-V 15.6" features the option for a colour dense ultra high resolution 4K 100% SRGB 60HZ Refresh Rate Display.
Robust, Compact Slate Design.
A masterful approach to contemporary laptop design, the Alpha-V's modern, understated sophistication is robust, yet wonderfully compact and mobile. The slate design of the 15.6" Alpha-V features a contemporary dark space-grey-walnut finish that has a subtle hint of metallic sheen and is reinforced by a solid Aluminium Alloy case on top (A-Cover). The 17.3" Alpha-V's slate design features a unique high density IMR (In-Mould-Roller) film, injected directly onto the chassis which enables it to feature an ultra-fine and very subtle hairline brushing with a semi-polished sheen, finished in a beautiful onyx black. The solid and compact structure of both the 15.6" and 17.3" variants gives the Alpha-V a truly mobile form factor, with the 17.3" Alpha-V measuring a mere 26.3 centimetres in height and the 15.6" Alpha-V a remarkable 24.1 centimetres in height.
Compact Dimensions
The perfect travel companion, the Alpha-V's robust design and compact form factor measures a mere 26.3 centimetres in height for the 17.3" variant and a tiny 24.1 centimetres for the 15.6" variant.
17.3" Alpha-V Finish
The 17.3" Alpha-V's slate design features a an ultra-fine hairline brushing with a semi-polished sheen and finished in a beautiful onyx black.
In-Mould Roller (IMR)
The 17.3"Alpha-V features a high density film that is uniquely applied directly onto the chassis during the injection phase. Producing a long lasting and resistant finish, that also delivers a high quality sheen.
15.6" Alpha-V Finish
The slate design of the 15.6" Alpha-V features a contemporary dark space-grey-walnut finish that has a subtle hint of metallic sheen.
Solid Alloy Top Cover (A Cover)
Featuring a highend alloy top module and finished in a space-grey-walnut finish that has a subtle hint of metallic sheen. The 15.6" Alpha-V top cover exudes an exquisite and technological quality.
Vibrant Keyboard, Big Touchpad.
The Alpha-V's precisely balanced keyboard delivers a typing experience that's incredibly tactile and comfortable. Both spacious and perfectly weighted, the Alpha-V's set of keys are brought to life by vibrant illuminated edge-lit lighting system that gives you the freedom to tailor a colour and look that's just right for you and your environment. Integrated beneath the keyboard, the Alpha-V features a smooth and expansive touchpad, which enables you to tap, swipe, scroll and do so much more with Windows 10 and 11's newest gestures, boosting your productivity with incredible efficiency and control.
Big Touchpad
An expansive touchpad for the ultimate level of productivity. Get more done and faster with the Alpha-V's large touchpad, a perfect companion to Windows 10 and 11's many new-age gesture commands.
Keyboard Control Suite
Customise every aspect of the Alpha-V's keyboard from colours to macro's. With a large array of colour choices, you can customise the keyboard's edge-lit keys to suit your exact colour tastes, or simply turn it off when you dont need it. And macro's let you create shortcuts for every task.
Cooling, Perfected.
Interconnected through a precise pathway of wide, high-density copper heatpipes, the Alpha-V's incredible cooling system carries a phenomenal capacity for thermal dissipation. Super hi-speed Liquid-Crystal Polymer (LCP) fans flank each side of the heatsink, leading to a significant reduction in thermal retention due to their incredible rotational speeds. And with up to 6 independent and wide cooling pipes per side (CPU & GPU), the Alpha-V maintains exceptional temperatures under high-load computing tasks over extensive periods. So whether you're working late into the evening processing complex computational algorithms or busy breaking a sweat during a long gaming session taking down your opponents in Call of Duty, the Alpha-V delivers extraordinary thermal stability, each and every time.
Vapour Heatpipe System
The Alpha-V heatsink features a thermal dynamic Vapour chamber in each of it's high-density copper heatpipes.
Multi-Piped & High Density
The Alpha-V's high-density heatpipes have been engineered to precisely maximise the internal space by uniquely laying up to 6 wide cooling pipes per side so that the most optimal and rapid level of heat transfer to the Alpha-V's high velocity fans are achieved.
Liquid-Crystal Polymer (LCP)
The unique molecular structure of LCP material has enabled us to innovatively design our thinnest, yet highest velocity fan assembly for the Alpha-V Series. It's a combination of incredibly thin, yet ultra rigid fan blades which lead to a significant increase in air capacity, resulting in a far greater volume of heat being dissipated.
Massive Air Ventilation Design
The Alpha-V's base design has been purpose-built for maximising the most optimal level of air-flow during sustained hi-load cooling, which has been achieved by an edge-to-edge array of vents that encompass nearly 40% of the base plate.
4X Separate Displays
Silent Mode
* GTX 1650 and RTX 3050/3050Ti models come with capability for Two External Displays.
Productive, In So Many Ways.
Designed for the modern-day power user, the Alpha-V has been engineered to output to a total of three external displays, independently. Together With the laptop monitor you can run up to four separate displays, with completely separate content. And further enhancing productivity Alpha-V introduces an innovative new Silent Mode that dynamically optimises processing and graphics loads to ensure your laptop never exceeds 25 decibels (db) of air volume through the thermal system. Delivering a whisper quiet operation whenever you're in a serious setting.
Big On Ports
The compact 15.6" and 17.3" Alpha-V are productivity giants and they keep you connected in many more ways than one.
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1. Battery life figures vary depending on Windows settings, method of use and hardware settings. Metabox test parameters included 35% Screen Brightness, keyboard Lighting Off, Windows Battery Saver Mode Active using MobileMark 2014. Hardware is configured with 8GB and 256GB M.2 SSD.
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