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Our expansive range of the worlds most powerful & customisable laptops.

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Our ultra low price, performance range of high quality & upgradeable laptops.

Aer Series
Starts $9,999.00
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Dynamic, Powerful, Ultra Light.
Intel 12th Gen Power.
Intels new high-powered 12th Gen i7 Intel i7-1260P 35 Watt 12-Core Mobile CPU.
NVIDIA Graphics Power.
NVIDIA's Powerful RTX 3050 4GB and 3050Ti 4GB Graphics Processors.
Up to 64GB & 8TB.
True Metabox customisation means the Aer is capable of up to 64GB's 3200MHZ RAM & 8TB's of Ultra Fast Storage.
Long Battery, Lightweight.
The Aer delivers a long lasting 10 hour battery whilst being beautifully compact, thin and incredibly lightweight.
Pantone Certified Displays.
Incredibly vibrant, colour rich and perfectly balanced, the Aer's 14.0" Display's are Pantone Colour Certified for creators and professionals.
Thunderbolt 4.0.
Connect the latest high-powered & high-speed devices with true PCIe 3.0 x 4 Thunderbolt 4.0 Port, includes Power-Delivery.
Vibrant Backlit Keys
Stay connected in the dark with the Aer's vibrant backlit keyboard.
Windows Hello Login.
Facial recognition technology maps and records a biometric template of your face a for fast and secure sign-in every time.
12th Gen Power.
The Aer redefines laptop mobility and performance as we know it, engineered precisely with a genuine focus on being thin, lightweight, yet incredibly powerful. Despite its wonderfully compact 14.0" form, the Aer delivers CPU processing power remarkably faster than a fully-fledged 9th generation i9 (i9-9980HK) CPU. With Intel's brand new 12th Generation hybrid 10 nm processing technology at the helm, the Aer's computational potential is far greater than any lightweight, thin-form laptop before it. And the result is a mobile device perfect for the ever-on-the-go user who needs high-end computing power wherever their journey takes them.
Intel's Incredible 12th Gen Power.
Hybrid 10 nm processing technology means CPU performance is at levels way beyond previous generations.
Aer's 12th Gen Power. Quantified.
We've graphed just how powerful Intel's incredible new 12th Gen i7 CPU is.
NVIDIA Graphics Power.
Whether you are creating, designing or playing, the Aer is ready for just about anything. At its graphical core, the Aer seamlessly integrates NVIDIA's high-end 30 series RTX 4GB graphics engines equipped with CUDA Core technology. In turn, the Aer's graphics delivery is incredibly powerful for a laptop with such a wonderfully compact form, enabling professional tools like Adobe Premiere or AutoCAD to execute with incredible efficiency. So whether you've carved out a few hours of your day for your next intense gaming session or are busy in the office putting on the final touches of your design project, the Aer has you covered at every step.
NVIDIA's Powerful Graphics.
A selection of NVIDIA's powerful 30 Series RTX Graphics Engines for both professional's and gamer's.
Long Lasting Battery.
Designed to keep you powered, the Aer is the ultimate lightweight, performance-oriented travel companion, delivering up to an enormous *10 hours of battery runtime. So whether you're busy shuffling between appointments and meetings or venturing out to photograph the magnificence of this world, the Aer is ready and powered to be right there with you each step of the way.
*Battery life figures vary depending on Windows settings, method of use and hardware settings. Metabox test parameters included 35% Screen Brightness, keyboard Lighting Off, Windows Battery Saver Mode Active using MobileMark 2014. Hardware is configured with 8GB and 256GB M.2 SSD
Compact, Yet Feature Packed.
We meticulously designed the Aer for peak mobility whilst engineering every element of its hardware structure for complete performance optimisation. In turn, this means the Aer and its incredible CPU and Graphics potential are configurable in ways that belie its compact form. With system memory being capable of going all the way up to a phenomenal 64 GB of Dual Channel, DDR4 3200MHZ blistering RAM and an SSD capable of up to a massive 8 TB's of fast PCIe 3.0 storage or 4 TB's of ultra-fast PCIe 4.0 storage. The result is a beautifully compact device that packs incredible power.
Up to 64GB 3200MHZ RAM.
Configure the Aer with up to an incredible 64GB 3200MHZ Dual Channel RAM.
Up to 8TB of Ultra Fast SSD.
Configure the Aer with up to a phenomenal 8TB's of PCIe SSD Storage.
PCIe 4.0 Technology.
PCIe 4.0 paves the way for the future, with SSD's reaching up to an incredible 7,000 MB/s read speed.
Light, Thin, Beautiful.
From its striking 'Midnight Blue' finish to its angular cool-to-the-touch metal top-lid construction, the Aer's beautiful design is a masterstroke of understated sophistication. And its incredible precise engineering of internal space means the Aer achieves a remarkably slim 1.76 cm at an unbelievably light 1.39 kg total weight. So whether you are busy rushing in and out of client meetings or simply on your train journey back home after a long day, the Aer is perfect for just about any situation.
A Premium Metal Top Cover
The Aer's beautiful midnight blue design features a cool-to-the-touch premium metal construction on the top cover.
Displays for Professional's.
Vibrant and incredibly colour rich, the Aer's display technology is purpose-built for photographers, video editors and all forms of creative media. Every Aer display that comes off the production line is rigorously placed through a calibration process certified by the Pantone Colour Matching System. The result is a high-end industry-certified display designed to impress with its phenomenal colour accuracy while delivering the ultimate laptop viewing experience.
Pantone Colour Certified.
Colour rich and incredibly accurate, Pantone certified display's are the industry standard for photographers and video-editors. With all Aer displays 'Pantone Colour Certified' straight off the production line.
Ultra High Resolution Display.
The Aer features the option for a Ultra High Resolution 4K UHD 3840 x 2160 Pantone Colour Certified Display, with wide colour reproduction.
Thunderbolt 4.0.
Includes Power Delivery for Docks.
The world of Thunderbolt is growing rapidly, with an extensive array of devices in development to utilise the ports' phenomenal speeds, which are capable of up to 40 Gbps. The Aer takes full advantage of Thunderbolt 4.0, properly delivering the full potential of its 40 Gbps throughput. In turn, this means the Aer can run your next 4K video edit live directly from your Thunderbolt SSD backup or boost the potential of your graphics with one of the many Thunderbolt 'External Graphics' solutions; the possibilities are near endless.
Dock Everything With The Aer.
The Aer's Thunderbolt 4.0, with Power Delivery means you can use a single cable via a docking station to both power your laptop and connect every peripheral on your table, doing away with messy wiring each time you get to your work desk.
Multi-Monitor Efficiency.
The Aer's extensive array of ports enables you to do so much more; with HDMI and Thunderbolt Display built-in, you can connect up to three external monitors running their separate content. With the laptop display added in, you can quadruple your screen real estate and supercharge your multi-tasking capabilities, making the Aer the ultimate desktop replacement.
Vibrant Keys.
Tactile yet smooth, the Aer's key's actuate with just the perfect resistance whilst delivering vibrant key lighting. So if you're burning the midnight oil let the Aer's keyboard guide your fingers late into the night, without interruption.
Windows Hello.
Fast, efficient and secure, the Aer's cutting edge Biometric Facial Recognition camera sign's you right into Windows, bypassing arduous passwords and pins. In addition, it works with a range of app's like Dropbox and OneDrive breezing you right through the log-in process, so you're not bogged down by passwords.
Biometric Facial Recognition
The Aer's hi-tech facial recognition technology maps and records a biometric template of your face for a fast and secure sign-in every time.
Facial Recognition For Apps
Get into apps like Dropbox and OneDrive swifly, bypassing the need to remember passwords.
A Large Array of Ports.
The Aer might be one of our most compact noteboooks, yet we engineered it to deliver an expansive array of ports so that you stay connected to a multitude of devices without compromising.
Aer Gallery.
View the Aer under the spotlight.
Aer 14.0"
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