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Main Range

Customisation Range

Every major hardware component on each and every one of the laptops in the Customisation Range can be customised. The best part about it, is that the power is in your hands to pick, customise and transform your Metabox into the ultimate laptop you've always wanted. It's laptop tailoring of the very highest standard.

Configured-To-Go (CTG) Range

The CTG (Configured-To-Go) range consists of an exclusive selection of laptops from our Alpha & Prime series that takes the guess work out of customising your brand new Metabox. The CTG range features ready to purchase specifications starting from mid-level configurations all the way up to RAID 0 mSATA SSD's and top-ot-the-line graphics cards. Most important of all, they're exceptionally well priced and represent excellent value for money.
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