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We have been breaking the boundaries of technology for over 16 years, developing the worlds most advanced, customisable, high powered Gaming Laptops. Whether you're a gamer, engineer, graphic artist or an architect, Metabox Gaming Laptops places incredible computing power at your fingertips, anywhere, any time.

Incredible Graphics Power

The graphics card is pivotal to delivering smooth frame-rates and an immersive gaming experience. At the centre of every Metabox Gaming Laptop lies the worlds most technologically advanced graphics cards. Choose from our range of NVIDIA's ultra high-end graphics cards to experience gaming, the way it is intended.

Highly Customisable Gaming Laptops

Here at Metabox we offer the worlds most user-
customisable ultra high-end Gaming Laptops.
Customise the graphics card, processor,
memory, storage, wireless card, optical drive,
screen display and even the operating system.
It is the ultimate form of laptop personalisation.

Mixing Business with Pleasure

Gaming Laptops are not all about having fun.
Since the hardware in our Gaming Laptops are
of such a high calibre, they are also incredible
business and/or professional laptops.



The amazing new GeForce Go 970M 6GB DDR5 graphics processing unit (GPU) is powered by NVIDIA's all new power-efficient Maxwell architecture. Not only does this new design significantly enhance memory interfacing, chip-level processing is improved dramatically for astonishing transfer speeds. Making the 970M an incredibly powerful graphics card and the second fastest GPU in the world.

NVIDIA GeForce Extreme GTX 980 (GXX) 8GB GDDR5

Never before have we been able to deliver such incredible graphics performance in a mobile platform. The NVIDIA GTX 980 (GXX) is a true desktop graphics card, the exact same top-of-the-range card offered in desktop PC's. With significantly improved performance and dramatically reduced power consumption compared to it's predecessors, the 980 (GXX) represents the future of graphics technology, available today, in an incredibly mobile form factor. It enables our Metabox laptops to deliver industry-leading performance, in a portable chassis, without the drawback of being fixed to one location. This is a world first and a phenomenal leap forward in technology, only at Metabox Laptops.
Combine two of NVIDIA's incredible gaming graphics cards to unleash double the gaming power.

Available on the Prime P870DM-G.
*Performance chart is based on benchmark scores performed in 3D Mark 11. Real world performance figures may vary.


Get some pointers on building the Ultimate Gaming Laptop

Choosing the graphics card that best suits your requirements
The graphics card is the single most important piece of hardware in the configuration of a gaming laptop. The faster the video card the better your in-game FPS (Frames Per Second). This means you can experience much smoother game play.

However, if you're on a budget and only a casual gamer, gaming with a slower video card is not necessarily a bad thing. You may need to compromise on lowering some of your in-game settings in order to achieve a smooth FPS, for example lowering your in-game resolution or by turning off some of the visual effects, such as anti-aliasing. But to the unsuspecting eye, i.e. casual gamers, lower resolutions (1366 x 768) without high-end visual effects still look very nice. In this setting, even an NVIDIA 745M and 850M would play modern high-end first person shooters comfortably.

So when you're choosing the best graphics card to suit your needs, use the following checklist to help make the best decision:

a) What is my budget?
b) How frequently do I expect to game?
c) Do I mind playing games at a lower resolution with
visual effects turned off?

Of course if you simply want the very best in-game performance with high resolutions and optimal visual settings, go for the best graphics card you can afford.

Did you also know that gaming graphics cards are used for their powerful computational abilities in video editing and complex mathematical calculations? If you're purchasing a laptop for these specific purposes, purchasing a faster graphics card means you can significantly improve the efficiency of your video rendering and/or mathematical models.
Choosing the processor and memory that best suits your requirements

As we've learnt in Step 1, the graphics card is the most important piece of hardware in ensuring smooth game play. However, Real-time Strategies (RTS), Flight Simulators and Open World games are also very processor intensive.

Well known games such as Supreme Commander (RTS) and Grand Theft Auto 4 (Open-World) utilise a lot of processing power to actively calculate the positions and commands of every AI unit on a map. If your map consists of a large number of variables, having a faster processor will ensure you never hit a bottle-neck during intensive gameplay.

Therefore, if you do intend on playing any of these genre's of games, keep in mind that a faster processor is very beneficial. For all other genre's of games, the base i7 model is more than sufficient for gaming needs.


Memory requirements for gaming tie in directly with the processor requirements. Therefore, as mentioned above, if you are playing RTS games it would be ideal to improve your memory size to accommodate the additional processing requirements.

As a benchmark, 16GB's of memory is a very comfortable size for all high-end computing needs, including RTS gaming. If you are playing other genre's of games, 8GB's of memory is typically more than sufficient.

Choosing the storage that best suits your requirements
Choosing the right storage isn't hard and the main points to consider are:

a) What is my budget?
b) How much storage space do I require?
c) Do I want to improve the performance of booting and
shutting down Windows, loading big programs or
files. And in general improving the overall
of performance all storage based activity?

If you have the budget, it would be highly beneficial to consider an SSD drive. SSD (Flash) storage is becoming the new standard and there is no denying its ability in significantly improving the performance of your routine day to day tasks. It is faster than a traditional 7200RPM hard drive by up to 10 times in read/write speeds.

On the other hand SSD storage is still not as affordable as traditional hard disk drives, therefore it is an excellent idea to split your storage requirements into two categories. The first category is your Operating System, programs and regularly accessed files, this would be your SSD drive. The second category is your mass storage device for all the files that are not dependant on speed, for example music MP3's or photo's, this would be your secondary hard disk drive. So at the end of it you get the best of both worlds, one super-fast SSD for performance and one affordable traditional drive for mass storage. Best of all, its all contained inside one neat little gaming laptop.

For gaming purposes, it would be beneficial to put the games you regularly play on the SSD drive. You can therefore maximise the loading speed of your in-game maps or content. For less frequently played games, you can store them on your traditional storage drive.

Choosing the wireless card that best suits your requirements
There are quite a number of different wireless card options in our range and it may get a little confusing for gaming purposes. The main advantages that one wireless card has over another is in the two following specifications:

1) Ping Performance / Latency - The speed with which
the wireless card can send a single packet of data to
the host destination.
2) Bandwidth Performance - The maximum amount of
data (Mb/s) the wireless card is capable of

For Online Gaming, professional or serious gamers consider Ping Performance to be a rather important feature. A fast Ping ensures every command that is inputted through their computer, whether it is firing a gun or ducking for cover is received by the host server they are playing on as quickly as possible.

For the best Ping Performance, the Killer Bigfoot range of wireless cards are the very best. However, if you simply want better Bandwidth Performance which will improve the transfer speeds of large files over your local network, Intel's range of wireless cards offer excellent value for money. If you primarily browse the internet, casually play online games and download movies/music, a standard wireless card will serve you very well.

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